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Customers frequently ask if my bikes ever "go on sale."  Here is my answer: yes, they are on sale 365 days a year.

Here is the deal: bicycle companies, by and large, produce remarkably similar products.  Despite all the claims made by the marketing people, when it comes right down to it, one bike with a tig welded aluminum frame and Japanese components is pretty much like the next one, assuming similar levels of components of course.  There may be minor variations in specifications, but the general quality level of one company's entry level, or entry level plus, whatever, will be the same as the next company's.  That leaves two other considerations: price and service.  
I cannot guarantee that I will beat the other bike shop's price/quality structure 100% of the time, but 99% of the time should be close enough.  Buying a Raleigh bicycle will, almost always, save you 10-15% and sometimes as much as 30% off our competitor's brand.
There are many reasons for this.  We run a low overhead operation here and have been with this company for over 20 years.  We specialize in close-out models from the previous year (or two) and the Waldo Bike Shop account is never over-due so we have no late charges, penalties, etc.  We buy in enough quantity to get the best prices and Raleigh America's price/quality structure is, simply, the best in the business.     
Back-up service on bikes we have sold has top priority over all other labor considerations.  Usually we can get your bike adjusted or your flat fixed while you wait.  Unless there is serious damage it will always be the same day. 
Of course, there is always the chance that you just don't like the color of the bike you see in this shop as much as the one in the other shop.  If that is worth another $50 or $75 or more, then go ahead and buy our competitor's bike.  We will, however, be delighted to service it for you.